Saturday, July 29, 2017

Summer in Photos

I love it here in the summer, so it's not very often I venture away. There's so much to do and so little time. With the exception of a quick trip to Bend in June (which is pretty much as fun as here), and a week on the Oregon Coast for Lo's dance nationals, we've been playing around here.

Lots of paddle boarding, hiking, floating, and working with some of our favorites at the Humane Society.


Photos...lots of them


Bend. My two recommendations, book through Bend Cottages and eat at Jacksons Corner (the original on the west side). Also, grab a beer (Boneyard RPM IPA is always a good choice) and maybe food at the Lot.....just because it's cool.



Colchuck, Valhalla, Eightmile, and Minotaur with a summit at Labyrinth






Paddle Boarding (Lake Wenatchee and the estuary on the Columbia River)


Floating the Icicle


Oregon Coast





Shelter life





Saturday, June 10, 2017

Living and Loving

At night when I go to bed I come up with my unfinished blog posts. I last left off in Iceland. The country I've visited three times now and have truly fallen in love with, but this post requires some links and details I want to share, so later.

I found when life was more difficult I blogged more, it was therapy. Plus I met an amazing community of bloggers, that inspired me. However, I want to continue to blog the good, I also want to continue to share photos. The problem is life is really good. Things are in such a good place, I have an amazing supportive husband that agrees to (although has advice) for all my crazy adventures. I have a house that I am in love with, and really want to spend all my free time hanging on the deck. My daughter is 15, she is involved in lots of school and extra curricular activities. You'd think this would keep me busy, but it's the opposite some nights she's at dance for hours leaving me with lots of free time. Free time I use to be outside on the trails, volunteering at the humane society, going to yoga, or binge reading. Life is really good.

Relationships in my life feel really good and balanced right now as well. My family, my friends and even Ex husband they are all where they feel they should be. Maybe it's aging, I don't know, but if if this is what the 40's will bring I'm kind of excited!

In a nutshell Rick and I escaped for a long lovely weekend to SF at the beginning of May. I lived in the Bay Area for over a year (many years ago) and fell in love, so to share my love of this city with him was magical.




Lo had her first year of doing a recital with Emmie. That was awesome!


My time at the shelter has increased significantly. I've kind of taken on a different role working with the pits. I have to say they've won me over the affectionate big heads.





Outdoors. Lots and lots of time in the foothills and nearby mountains.