Friday, December 1, 2017

Moderation, what's that?

Being 40 and experiencing a career change is much like when I was 33 and ending a 15 year relationship.
Like getting divorced I was happy where I was when everything ended. I had changed jobs only once in the past and that was due to a terrorist attack.  So it's safe to say I like to commit to something, settle in and do it well.
I am definitely NOT one of those people that changes careers, cars and/or men every few years (in fact I have a new car, but rarely drive it because I like my old car).  I'm a pretty content person with my life.
I got a cold this week and my boss asked if I had been stressed, I don't remember the last time I was truly stressed (OK I do but that was just because two people were lying so much it was stressful trying to decipher the truth).  The extent of my stress is trying to get to yoga and find a parking spot on time, when I live in a town where people consistently drive 5 under the speed limit and I want to go 5 over.

Anyways my job ends, and I have to idea what I really want to do.  I go to work at the airport part time, this is also the first time in my life where I am in a good place financially so this is really about figuring out what makes me happy.
Well, like being single after a divorce, opportunities start appearing out of the woodwork. Job opportunities I had never even considered.  Legit and good ones, I ended up going with managing a cafe, because it felt comfortable.  I was also helping a friend at a wine bar, and still at the airport.  So September I worked part time, October I was back to 50-60 hours a week.  As a business owner, I had put in this much time, although I worked the stand only 25-30 hours a week everyone assumed that's all I worked.  Working and balancing all these jobs really is not that difficult for me.  What is difficult is saying no.  I don't need to be working this much, but I feel grateful for the opportunity.  I also like the income, and being able to make a little extra to help my son with college. 
I'm currently working on saying no, and dwindling down to 40 hours again.  The cafe is good, just very busy and a lot of work.  The airport I absolutely love, but don't actually make anything, the wine bar, well I think I am better at drinking wine.
This is why I haven't been blogging (just in my head), because I basically work, chat with Lo surf the internet for an hour then sleep!
Stay tuned, I'll keep you posted where this all leads.

Saturday, October 7, 2017

Back at It

To say these last few months have been crazy is an understatement. In a nut shell, the hospital terminated my contract after 14 years, so August 30th was a wrap.

Adjustment has been just that. I started a job with Horizon Air in the beginning of August, so the month of August was 50-60 hour work weeks. Surprisingly I thrived with that chaos. It was the perfect distraction. Granted I missed doing anything with anybody, but my dear friends made sure to keep checking in on me.

The last week of August because I can't seem to just ever relish in calm I adopted a dog.

We named him Doug. He's about 18 months old and the best we can guess a Shepard, border collie mix. Ridiculously smart, and very energetic. Providing my best September distraction. I get Doug out every single day. We hike or run anywhere from 4-11 miles. He has been excellent for my fitness, and sleep!


My daughter started her sophomore year of school.

I've been trying to adjust to part time work, thankfully I truly have the most supportive spouse around. I spend a lot of time now working on inversions....ok, not a lot but after 2 years of yoga I can finally do them!

As always fall is my favorite month, so back to sleeping outside.

I could go on about leaving the hospital, but I am still processing it. I miss the staff and employees something fierce. I didn't really make money, I could've if I would've been more serious about charging people, but that would've taken the joy out of it. What I will say is I consider myself truly lucky to have been there for 14 years. I don't know many people that get to say they LOVE doing exactly what they get to do and for so long. I will mourn it for some time. The hospital was part of me, and my family. When my husband had an affair and then we divorced, that was the hardest times in my life, and I thank God I was exactly where I was during that. The staff seriously took me under their wings and got me through some very dark days.

Now I'm about to turn 40, and figure out what else I want to do. It's both scary and exciting. I jumped into Horizon and I actually love the job, but there are too many logistics that just don't make sense to make it work, so for this month I am finishing out work there, and (because clearly I'm not very good at part time gig) back to making coffee again. I got a great offer from a local place, after talking it over with Rick we decided that's probably the best fit. It's a great schedule, with low stress and allows the flexibility for us to do things away.

That's the update for now.


Saturday, July 29, 2017

Summer in Photos

I love it here in the summer, so it's not very often I venture away. There's so much to do and so little time. With the exception of a quick trip to Bend in June (which is pretty much as fun as here), and a week on the Oregon Coast for Lo's dance nationals, we've been playing around here.
Lots of paddle boarding, hiking, floating, and working with some of our favorites at the Humane Society.

Photos...lots of them

Bend. My two recommendations, book through Bend Cottages and eat at Jacksons Corner (the original on the west side). Also, grab a beer (Boneyard RPM IPA is always a good choice) and maybe food at the Lot.....just because it's cool.

Colchuck, Valhalla, Eightmile, and Minotaur with a summit at Labyrinth

Paddle Boarding (Lake Wenatchee and the estuary on the Columbia River)

Floating the Icicle

Oregon Coast

Shelter life

Saturday, June 10, 2017

Living and Loving

At night when I go to bed I come up with my unfinished blog posts. I last left off in Iceland. The country I've visited three times now and have truly fallen in love with, but this post requires some links and details I want to share, so later.

I found when life was more difficult I blogged more, it was therapy. Plus I met an amazing community of bloggers, that inspired me. However, I want to continue to blog the good, I also want to continue to share photos. The problem is life is really good. Things are in such a good place, I have an amazing supportive husband that agrees to (although has advice) for all my crazy adventures. I have a house that I am in love with, and really want to spend all my free time hanging on the deck. My daughter is 15, she is involved in lots of school and extra curricular activities. You'd think this would keep me busy, but it's the opposite some nights she's at dance for hours leaving me with lots of free time. Free time I use to be outside on the trails, volunteering at the humane society, going to yoga, or binge reading. Life is really good.

Relationships in my life feel really good and balanced right now as well. My family, my friends and even Ex husband they are all where they feel they should be. Maybe it's aging, I don't know, but if if this is what the 40's will bring I'm kind of excited!

In a nutshell Rick and I escaped for a long lovely weekend to SF at the beginning of May. I lived in the Bay Area for over a year (many years ago) and fell in love, so to share my love of this city with him was magical.




Lo had her first year of doing a recital with Emmie. That was awesome!


My time at the shelter has increased significantly. I've kind of taken on a different role working with the pits. I have to say they've won me over the affectionate big heads.





Outdoors. Lots and lots of time in the foothills and nearby mountains.